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Thought Leadership - Season 1 Episode 1

Net A/R Calculations

Join our hosts, Melanie Delvalle, and Jason Bryll as they engage in a conversation about the complexities, challenges, and strategies involved in optimizing RCM processes. From data analysis and payment posting to the nuances of payer contracts, this episode provides valuable insights for anyone in the RCM field.
  • Net AR Valuation (00:03:40): Explore the significance of accurately valuing Accounts Receivable (AR) and how historical data can determine the true worth of your receivables.
  • Underpayment Analysis (00:09:00): Learn about the importance of underpayment analysis and how it uncovers missed revenue opportunities while ensuring contracts are honored.
  • Handling Outliers (00:16:00): Understand the challenges of handling outliers in RCM, including extreme variances in payments, and how to mitigate their impact on valuation models.
  • Payment Posting and Refunds (00:27:00): Gain insights into the critical aspects of timely payment posting and efficient refunds management to maintain patient trust and financial accuracy.
  • Unallocated Cash (00:28:00): Discover the importance of managing unallocated cash in AR and its impact on an organization's financial health.
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